Recorded in 1981 in the studios at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, this beautifully rendered track by Cheri Knight unfurls with the kind of shimmering undulations that artists like Yasuaki Shimizu were capturing around the same time. The music bristles with the raw spirit of DIY experimentation of that period of music-making. The other single from this work, Prime Numbers, is similarly wonderful. 

Lovely track from Tokyo-based artist Eiko Ishibashi, from her EP dedicated to the Law & Order character, Jack McCoy. 

Beautiful Ghanaian psych from the early 70s, recently re-released as a compilation from Analog Africa in Germany. 

For the few not familiar with Hildegard Von Bingen, the 11th Century monastic German polymath, her work in sacred monophony far transcends the time in which it was produced and is recommended listening for our current chaotic moment. 

New music from Anenon. Available on February 18 at and anywhere that you stream music.