All during the month of October 2021, Ben DuVall hosts The Condition of Music every Monday evening at 21:00 GMT, on Seyðisfjörður Community Radio. This is a link to his delightful show, No. 002 “Text 2 Speech”—sound poetry, patterns and beyond.

thanks to Ben DuVall for the recommendation.

Robert Turman is an American experimental and noise musician based in Oberlin, Ohio.

Sea Urchin are the duo of Leila Hassan and Francesco Cavaliere. Sea Urchin “debuted a totally unique expression of ‘library music as future music’ on a series of small run cassettes before their proper debut LP Yaqaza was released on legendary Belgian imprint Kraak.”

Some of my favorite images come from inspired amateurs. Not because of the lack of pretense or because the work is somehow more pure than that of professionals, I think the ground is pretty level for most of us in that area, but the kind of care that amateurism often affords. In this case, I’m thinking specifically of the rare illustration work of Ray Topping, a British connoisseur of American roots music. And even more specifically, I’m thinking of this watercolor he did for a compilation of the music of Rakotozafy.