Ficciones Typografika

Ficciones Typografika. New Rural

"I wanted to create a surface where experimental work could flourish. I was aware and told people early on that I thought it would be a contemporary version of Emigre Magazine - something so dearly missed in our field today. At the time, I wasn’t thinking about how long it might last, but I had a very, very strong feeling that it would find a global audience.

If the project lacks narrative content, it overwhelms that with a purity of purpose that I think is unique. The surface exists for contributors and viewers, it exists as reflected and projected light. It shouldn't really exist, it doesn’t really belong on a garage wall. But there couldn’t be a better place. It is very much real and ‘fictional' at the same time, as it both deals with and exists as a host for fictional or speculative content. To be sure, the projections communicated are sincere and personal, applied and practical, and, I truly believe, cannot to be dismissed as mere missives. These are the things I was thinking about as I made the surface in the first place. I was sure people would love it and I am eternally grateful to the contributors that have found their place in the project."

Erik Brandt
from an email conversation with Eric Hurtgen. July 2017

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