“I think that a bootleg is one of the highest forms of respect you can pay an artist. It's been cheapened a lot now by convenient recording devices, where most people at, say, a concert take a video at some point during the night, but to actually set out to make a high quality bootleg recording takes a lot of dedication. It's the superfans who make those, the ones who believe they're witnessing something really special. I talked about Malachi Ritscher in that piece, who was a very prolific recorder of live experimental music in Chicago in the 90s and early 00s. He was essentially documenting a whole scene, some of which is pretty difficult to listen to outside of the live setting. But think about what an honor it would be to have a Ritscher bootleg of your performance. I once heard John Peel described as a "virtuoso listener" and I think that applies to Ritscher as well.”