"I feel a kinetic and messy honesty that doesn't exist in any of the other music I've ever made. There is also a sense of being settled, of calm. There is no faking it here.”

Brian Allen Simon, Anenon

“Rather than finding beauty in a purely aesthetic sense, I tend to find beauty in certain moments and places, and certain living beings. It can be as simple as walking in Barcelona and all of a sudden noticing a building I already know from a different angle, or just noticing how amazing the color contrast is between the blue sky and a painted façade. Or seeing the first Alpine swifts that arrived two weeks ago. Or watching the sky at night with the backdrop of the Roman wall and medieval buildings of my neighbourhood from my window.” - Colleen

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Why we stay with poetry

...despite our consenting to all the indisputable technologies: despite seeing the political leap that must be managed, the horror of hunger and ignorance, torture and massacre to be conquered, the full load of knowledge to be tamed, the weight of every piece of machinery that we shall finally control, and the exhausting flashes as we pass from one era to another—from forest to city, from story to computer—at the bow there is still something we now share: this murmur, cloud or rain or peaceful smoke. We know ourselves as part and as crowd, in an unknown that does not terrify. We cry our cry of poetry. Our boats are open and we sail them for everyone.

Édouard Glissant from Poetics of Relation
Why We Stay With Poetry. New Rural

“The music Nondi_ makes is informed by footwork, breakcore and Detroit techno. However, as she's only experienced them via the internet, she has filled the gaps with her imagination and consequently the music is rendered from a dreamlike solitude that feels adjacent to other internet genres such as vaporwave. Her tracks are gauzy and abstract, smeared with gentle melody, rusty tones and occasional shafts of sunlight, sometimes set to a distant pulse, sometimes collapsing as if the music itself is falling apart.” 

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Recorded in 1981 in the studios at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, this beautifully rendered track by Cheri Knight unfurls with the kind of shimmering undulations that artists like Yasuaki Shimizu were capturing around the same time. The music bristles with the raw spirit of DIY experimentation of that period of music-making. The other single from this work, Prime Numbers, is similarly wonderful.