“The music Nondi_ makes is informed by footwork, breakcore and Detroit techno. However, as she's only experienced them via the internet, she has filled the gaps with her imagination and consequently the music is rendered from a dreamlike solitude that feels adjacent to other internet genres such as vaporwave. Her tracks are gauzy and abstract, smeared with gentle melody, rusty tones and occasional shafts of sunlight, sometimes set to a distant pulse, sometimes collapsing as if the music itself is falling apart.” 

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Recorded in 1981 in the studios at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, this beautifully rendered track by Cheri Knight unfurls with the kind of shimmering undulations that artists like Yasuaki Shimizu were capturing around the same time. The music bristles with the raw spirit of DIY experimentation of that period of music-making. The other single from this work, Prime Numbers, is similarly wonderful. 

Lovely track from Tokyo-based artist Eiko Ishibashi, from her EP dedicated to the Law & Order character, Jack McCoy. 

Beautiful Ghanaian psych from the early 70s, recently re-released as a compilation from Analog Africa in Germany. 

“I first learned of Magnús Pálsson’s work while organizing a weekly community radio show during a residency in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland. While preparing an episode on sound poetry, I was searching for some Iceland-based artists, and the first name on every Icelander’s lips, when it came to that medium, was Magnús Pálsson. But for an English speaker whose Icelandic is limited to takk (thanks), it was nearly impossible to find any recordings or audio samples of Pálsson’s work, most of which was in Icelandic and distributed via physical media. I have my own personal fascinations with obscurity, and so this unavailability, intentional or unintentional, was intriguing to me.”